Daikin FT30FXV1 Wall Mounted AC Full Specifications

Daikin FT30FXV1 Wall Mounted AC Price in Bangladesh

Daikin FT30FXV1 Wall Mounted AC

Daikin FT30FXV1 Wall Mounted AC Specifications, Price News and Reviews in Bangladesh

Model: FT30FXV1
Price: BDT. 120,000.00


2.3 TON
Nominal Cooling Capacity (Btu/h)-28000
Nominal EER(w/w)-3.20


Power Supply(V/Ph/Hz) 220-240/1/50
Air Flow(CFM)-670/630/500
Sound Pressure Level(dBA)-49/47/45
Height-360 mm
Width-1200 mm
Depth- 200 mm
Net Weight- 17 kg


Power Supply(V/Ph/Hz) 380-415/3/50
Sound Pressure Level(dBA)-58
Height-852 mm
Width-1030 mm
Depth- 400 mm
Net Weight- 95 kg
Pipe Connection- Liquid- 9.52 mm
Pipe Connection- Gas 15.88 mm
Max Length -45 m
Max EElevation -15 m


Uniform Air Distribution
Quiet Operation
Eassy Maintenance
Stylish Flat-Panel
Turbo Mode
Lower Sound Level
Wireless Handset BRC52A61 (H/P) Or BRC52A62 (C/O) Is Supplied As Standard


Compressor : 2 Years
Spare Parts : 1 Year
After Sales Service : 2 Years

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